STK Workshop

STK Workshop is a renowned producer of high-quality collectible models developed in co-operation with international brands and licensors for sale in Japan, Europe and the USA. They are proud to bring a selection of their favourite products at the e-commerce platform, starting with Build The Millennium Falcon.

Key Features:

  • Powerful e-commerce platform
  • Supports single purchases, subscriptions, pre-orders and payments with a deposit
  • Fully responsive site with CSS animations
  • Supports operating procedures for shipping



Taipingshan Trail App

This guide app helps promote the Taipingshan Medical Heritage Trail developed by the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and is an interactive guide with a map of the trail stations, multimedia elements to introduce each station.

Key Features:

    • Map with indicators of each Trail Station
    • GPS location
    • Multimedia elements to introduce the Trail including images, audio and video clips
    • List of tours
    • Multi-lingual



You Challenge

You Challenge is a community app for the You Challenge programme for youths organized by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Hong Kong and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
The app helps troubled youths fit into society by providing them with socially benefitting tasks and offering incentives for accomplishing them.

Key Features:

  • O2O quests & rewards
  • In-app currency and badge earning
  • GPS integration
  • Instant messaging
  • Profile customization
  • Push notifications


HKU Info Day App

HKU Info Day is a planner app for the HKU Info Day in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong. The app helps prospective students schedule their activities for HKU Info Day with an easy to use interface and guides them around campus with an AR game that locates HKU landmarks to familiarize them with the campus.

Key Features:

  • Recommended events allow the university to push new programmes they want to promote
  • Itinerary allows students to add events to their own itinerary
  • Well-organized programme information by categories
  • Students input their DSE scores and system automatically generates recommended programmes for them to apply
  • Details of events and information sessions that provide time, venue, title, map, etc.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) game that allows students to catch the institution’s mascot to uncover the history and heritage of each building and monument it’s found at. Help maintain students’ interest during the day. Finding all the Lions allows them to exchange prizes.



Credit Hero

Credit Hero specializes in personal lending and boasts a powerful online lending platform via machine learning and big data analysis which provide a cheaper, faster, easier loan service to borrowers.

Key Features:

  • Quick and secure online loan application process
  • View real-time loan application status
  • Instantly calculate loan rate
  • Uploaded documents are verified instantly through CREDIT HERO A.I. system to get loan approval fast
  • Ability to upload documents later

Credit Hero Website




Lazy provides an easy and trust-worthy platform to order professional cleaning services in Hong Kong. Users can manage the booking and payment easily right from the App.

Key Features:

  • GPS localization with Google Map
  • Social Login: Facebook
  • Real-time order competition between cleaners
  • Easy payment by VISA, Master Card and American Express
  • Instant Messaging support text
  • Promo code for order discounts
  • Feedback module- Service rating and feedback browsing
  • Order history module- Displays list of orders
  • Friend referral function: Share Promo code with friends through Facebook, Twitter and Email



6 Interactive Applications

This is an Android application development project for Biodiversity Exhibition in Hong Kong Science Museum. There are 6 applications which were designed and developed with Android Box and other hardware integration.

Key Features:

  • MC quiz
  • Support images and video playback
  • QR code scanner
  • Hardware Integration – light boxes control



Tao G is a informative application for stock investing fundamental and technical analysis which includes market news and latest investment advise.

Key Features:

  • Displays multiple format of feeds (News, Latest advise, history, etc.)
  • Online Payment – In-app purchase, Paypal
  • Different Access Right for members and premium users
  • Targeted Push Notification


iLapTimer 2

iLapTimer 2 is a GPS Lap timer and race data acquisition application that is perfect for time trial, track day and competition.

Key Features:

  • GPS localization with Apple Map
  • Log viewer displays current lap time, Best Lap time and previous laps
  • Data graphic displays the line charts of speed, rpm, gear, throttle and break against time
  • World ranking list with filtering function
  • Social share function support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Weibo and Email

Sylinghim (施凌部署)

Sylinghim (Facebook fans page: 我要做股神) is a popular mobile application for Stock Investing Fundamental and Technical Analysis which includes market news, teaching showcase, online teaching video, weekend report, latest events/courses, online shop and etc..

Key Features:

  • Displays multiple format of feeds (Online Teaching videos, Daily News, 3PM News, teaching Showcase, Weekend Report, Latest Events/Courses, Online Shop)
  • Different Access Right for members and VIP
  • In-App Purchase for online courses
  • Targeted Push Notification System (Student, Client, etc.)
  • Booking function for personal consultation